Application and Leasing Process

  • How do I apply?
    • When you find a vacancy you’re interested in on our website, you can choose to
      Apply Now and it will take you to our rental application. If there is no Apply Now
      button, contact our office and we will get you the application specific to that
  • Does everyone who wants live in my unit need to apply?
    • Yes. Everyone who resides in a unit needs to apply, be approved, and added to a
      lease prior to residing in any unit.
  • I have children under the age of 18, do they need to apply?
    • In this instance they will not need to apply but you will need to fill in their
      information on your application.
  • Do I have to come into the office to get an application?
    • No. We do almost all of our applications online. If the application is not online we
      can always email it to you. We also do most of our leases online!
  • I am not currently living in Ames, can I still apply for a unit?
    • Yes you can apply online from anywhere!
  • What does the application look at?
    • Our applications screen your rental history, credit history, and criminal history.
  • Do you accept people with bad credit or a criminal history?
    • We screen each application individually and we will contact you if there is a
      problem. At that time, if possible, we will explain the options we have for you to
      move forward.


  • If I renew my lease, do I have to move out at all?
    • Nope! We do not require you to leave your apartment if you have renewed your lease for the following year.
  • Can I add or remove people from the lease?
    • Yes, but all tenants must approve of any changes made to the lease.
  • Can I lease a unit with multiple bedrooms alone?
    • As long as the full cost of rent is paid, it does not matter if you are the only one
      on the lease.
  • Can we have an extra person on the lease?
    • One more person than the number of bedrooms is allowed, i.e., you can have 4
      people in a 3 bedroom apartment. There is a monthly charge of $50 per month
      for an extra person. Call us for specific details.
  • Can I break my lease or is there a lease buy-out?
    • No. The only way to get out of your lease is to sublease your unit, do a roommate
      change, or pay the full rent up front.


  • Can I sublet my unit?
    • Yes! You will be primarily responsible for finding someone to take over your
      lease. There are more details on the Sublease Form that will need to be turned
  • Can I sublet just my room?
    • Yes. You will need to have approval/signatures from all current tenants in your
      unit and fill out a Roommate Change Form.


  • What comes standard with rent?
    • Every property is different. Specific details on what is included can be found
      when looking at each individual apartment building.
  • How is rent divided between roommates?
    • This is something we let tenants decide. As long as rent is paid in full, it does not
      matter how roommates choose to divide it amongst themselves.
  • Why does the tenant portal show the total rent?
    • The tenant portal will always show the total rent. If you click on the tenant ledger
      you will be able to see what payments were made, who made those payments,
      and when.
  • I am in a Rent-By-The-Room. Why does is it show total rent?
    • The tenant portal will always show total rent. In rent-by-the-room units, you are
      only responsible for the rent listed in your lease. If the other tenants in your
      rent-by-the-room unit do not pay their part of the rent, you will not be responsible.
  • When is rent due?
    • Rent is always due on the 1st of the month. If the 1st falls on a holiday or a
      weekend we require rent be paid by 5pm the next business day that we are open.
      We do not offer a grace period.
  • I plan to pay my rent with financial aid from the university. Is this okay?
    • Yes that is okay. **If you know that your financial aid will come in after the 1st of
      the month you need to contact Jessica Arneson at prior
      to rent being due to avoid late fees.
  • Can I pay rent online?
    • For most of our properties you can pay online with e-check or credit card. If you
      pay with a credit card it will charge you an additional fee so we recommend using
      the e-check option. You can also pay with cash, check, or money order in the
  • What are the fees for paying rent late?
    • When rent is $700​ per month or less, late fees cannot exceed $12​ per day, or a
      total amount of $60​ per month; when rent is more than $700​ per month, fees
      cannot exceed $20​ per day or a total amount of $100​ per month.


  • Which properties are pet friendly?
    • We have a lot of pet friendly properties: The Heights at Lincoln Swing, Mortensen Heights, Aurora Heights, Dickinson Apartments, Creekview Condos, Harris Street Duplex, Twain
      Street Townhome, and Hutchinson Duplex.
  • What does pet friendly mean?
    • Pet friendly means we approve most cats, dogs, and aquatic animals.
      Management reserves the right to refuse any pet/animal for any reason – breed,
      size, location of apartment, etc.
    • Overall, we do not have any breed or size restrictions.
  • How many pets can I have in my unit?
    • Only one pet will be allowed per dwelling unit, unless approved by Management.
  • My roommates and I all have pets, can we have all of our pets in one unit?
    • Discuss this with management prior​ to signing a lease. Only one pet will be
      allowed per dwelling unit unless approved by Management.
  • Do I need to do anything to get my pet approved by management?
    • You need to submit proof of a current Rabies Vaccination (If your pet is under 16
      weeks old, contact the office)
    • Fill out a pet policy form
    • Have a pet deposit on file
  • How much is a pet fee / deposit?
    • Pet fee is $150 non refundable per pet (this option does not cover any damages incurred by the pet, this fee is to allow the pet on the property)
    • Pet deposit is $500 refundable per unit (this option is best for young pets or pets prone to causing damage)
  • How much is pet rent?
    • It is $50 per pet.
  • What happens if I don’t register my pet?
    • That is a lease violation and you are at risk for eviction. Management also
      reserves the right to have the animal removed from the premises immediately
      and permanently.
  • What do I need to do if I have a service animal?

Current Tenant Questions/Complaints

  • How do I make a maintenance request?
    • Please go to our website and click on the Maintenance Request tab then fill out
      the form. You will receive an email confirmation with a time frame of when
      maintenance will be there.
  • My power isn’t working in my bathroom. What should I do?
    • Check if your outlet has a red reset button in between the outlets. That is called
      a GFCI, which is a fast acting circuit breaker. Push that and it should turn the
      outlet back on. If there isn’t one on the outlet that doesn’t work, look in the other
      bathrooms or kitchen and hit the button on those. If it still doesn’t work, put a
      maintenance request in and we’ll send them over.
  • A pet is causing a disturbance in my building, what should I do?
    • Please send us an email describing the problem so we have a record of the
      disturbance. At that time we will also send you helpful tips moving forward.
  • My garbage disposal is not working what should I do?
    • Turn the power off to your disposal. You’ll find that under your sink.
    • Make sure there is nothing obstructing your disposal.
    • Please make sure the power is working in your kitchen.
    • If it is still not working please contact maintenance.
    • There will be a maintenance charge to you if they find an obstruction, such as
      glass, a bottle cap, etc.
  • My internet/cable is not working what do I do?
    • Refer to your lease on your documents page through your tenant portal and call
      whoever your provider is. They will want to talk to you specifically for details.
  • Someone is parked in my spot, what should I do?
    • You can either have them towed, or you can park in guest parking or the street
      and write them a note.
  • There is dog poop/ cigarette butts accumulating in my yard. Who should I contact?
    • Send us an email or give us a call and tell us where you live, and which areas
      seem to be the most problematic. We try our best to locate the source of the
      problem. Tenants who violate these disposal policies will be fined.
  • I have more questions who should I contact?
    • We are here to help! Please email for additional